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LIVE Chris Cornell Tribute Begins Friday


"Grunge" Rock Weekend

Love it or hate it, Grunge Rock, as defined on Wikipedia, is "generally characterized by a sludgy guitar sound that uses a high level of distortion, fuzz and feedback effects." 

Whatever it is, the genere spawned great bands like Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. Coming at a time where "Big Hair Bands" had ruled the late 1980's, Grunge was a backlash to that, gaining momentum and dominating the 90"s with a drug addicted, down dressed, anti glam and certainly under no condition any makeup style of rock.

KRUZ is streaming Grunge all weekend featuring all the great ones, including bands like Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney, and also awesome side projects like Mad Season and Temple of the Dog. Rock on!   Tune In Now


Fred Salas sits in with KRUZ Ringside

You never know who you will bump into at an All Star Promotion Boxing event. This time we were delighted to be joined live ringside by Fred Salas, Professional Ring Announcer from Fox Sports West since 1994. He also wrote the book "The Poor Mans Guide to Buying Scalper Tickets" and works as a listing sales agent in Real Estate.

Fred helped call the Battle of the Rising Stars main event of the evening between John Hayes and Eddie Cordova. "Having that kind of experience instantly added a credibility and integrity to the broadcast', said Mole, "It was an honor".

If you were lucky anough to be listening in live you heard Eddie Cordova edge out and upset John Hayes in arguably the most exciting fight of the night.


KRUZ Rises to Next Level at Bonaventure this Weekend

Its Round 2 for KRUZ Radio's new show Fight Night LIVE. This time it's All Star Promotions - Battle of the Rising Stars at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles this Saturday night, April 19th. 

We will again be ringside bringing you LIVE coverage of the event, but this time we will also co-host a Video Webcast with JTMedia as we prepare for bigger things to come.

Burn and Turn Productions LLC has partnered with JTMedia Productions and All Star Promotions on a venture that will bring fully produced Pay Per View events to the masses. In a deal that promises to deliver a new level of entertainment and value to the All Star Boxing experience.

"We will offer a mix of LIVE, Pay Per View, Podcast, and OnDemand Video and Audio content from the event in a way that has never been done before".. said Darin "TheMole" Bond, Founder of KRUZ Radio and co-host of Fight Night LIVE.

You may want to mark you callendar for our event this Saturday Night, get tuned in, and listen to the exciting details things we have in store in the very near future. Mole, Worm, Butter and SlicVic will again be LIVE ringside all night..Rock On!


KRUZ Visits DFM Boxing Club 

In preperation of KRUZ Radio's new show Friday Night LIVE, we visited Ponce De Leon's own DMF Boxing Club in Motebello, California earlier today to get a look around. This is one busy club with some great action going on in the sparring rings.

We were with Ed Holmes, founder of All Star Promotions, who showed us around and told us about some of the World Class fighters that have trained right here.

Ed Holmes

Be sure and join us LIVE Friday, March 21st 2014 for an exclusive interview with Ed, where he will describe some of the great stories, how he got started with All Star Promotions, and much much more! Stay tuned...