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Worm Main Player in New Cup Cake Deal

In another state of the edge endeavor, The Worm has just reportedly closed a deal with White Kastle to produce an interestingly shaped custom KRUZ Kup Kake in their traditional packaging (seen here).

This would be another step in their continuing quest to expand the reach of radio into stomachs around the country.

"We would like to see this also available in your frozen foods section by years end", said Worm.

There are two flavors available.. Blueberry Bacon and Orange Whip, with more to come. One thing is for sure, KRUZ has pushed the envelope once again with this exciting new mini cake product.



Basement Tapes Release LIVE Preview

In anticipation of the upcoming Basment Tape HD DVD Embossed Set later this year, TheMole and TheWorm have begun the tedious task of arranging all of our material into something not only listenable, but believable.

Catch them LIVE as they discuss in great candor, some of the upcoming music material that Worm has been quoteed as saying.. "Will certainly be a front runner in the Grammys this year.."

Check out this "special" Burn and Turn Show we captured LIVE....


B&T Basement Tape Project LIVE Review Seg 1 (David Jone)

B&T Basement Tape Project LIVE Review Seg 2 (Season in the Run)

B&T Basement Tape Project LIVE Review Seg 3 (Saw You There)

B&T Basement Tape Project LIVE Review Seg 4 (Final Thoughts)


The Burn and Turn Show only on KRUZ

The Burn and Turn Show has the ultimate combination of LIVE competitive online poker tournaments and comedy, with a glory and tempo unmatched in todays brutal environment. Forging ahead with The Mole, dfensty, The Worm, Butter, and many others sure to join us along the way, the show that changed the online poker world is poised to do so again! Brought to you by Burn and Turn Productions, Ltd. with free prizes, money added tournaments, song requests, and expert LIVE poker coverage, you just cant do better than Burn and Turn. Check our Tournament Detail and Calendar sections for all upcoming game info.. see you at the tables... Rock On!