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Man vs. Dinosaur

The Next Century and Beyond


We all marvel at the Dinosaurs and their incredible life time on earth. They lived and dominated the water, land and skies in dramatic fashion here for over 164 million years. They even still exist today in the form of birds.

In contrast,  it is anatomically modern humans that reign supreme on earth today. We originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, reaching full behavioral modernity around 50,000 years ago.

Both species are incredibly successful, yet completely different. Dinosaurs utilized size, force, and predatory skill. In contrast, Humans use their brain and hands to create and manipulate their environment. Modern man has created equally massive and impressive structures, and amazing technologies.

 Will Humans be able to survive on earth for another 164 million years? That would likey only occur if we were operating in a harmonious, sustainable way with the planet and it's environment (and we dont get hit by an asteroid). Were Dinosaurs basically harmonious with the planet? To say that the Dinosaurs had no effect on the earth or its environment is arguable, but it is surely safe to say that Humans have had much more overall effect on the planet in much less time. 

In fact, Humans evolved doing things no other species ever has before, like farming, medicine, the wheel, and using fire. Today we transport goods across the globe, and manipulate powerful chemicals/minerals to make preservatives, or even nuclear bombs. We have cars, radioactive waste, cell phones, and HDTV. Quite different than our predacessors.

If you look at animals on earth today like Sharks, Lions, or Crocodiles, even insects you see that almost all species are basically the same, in that they are hunters, like the Dinosaurs, engaged in a sustainable, balanced food chain with a strong desire for survival. The wild world of today, outside of human walls, is still very much like it was millions of years ago. Tough, brutal and non wastefull.

The dinosaur age was glorious, extreme, brutal survival. Yet also harmonious and balanced. Taking only what they need. Not using words or methods wrapped around things like greed, wealth, or indulgence. In many ways, Dinosaurs were no different than animals on earth that survive in the wild today. Humans, and only humans, are fundamentally different to every other living thing on earth in this way, past or present.


Got Food?

The Internet and Social Media have had another unforseen effect on the world. Everyone wants to eat like us! Even in countries whose governments have tried to control or limit incoming media, the people with internet access are getting a good look, many for the first time, of how industrialized countries like the US and Australia gourge ourselves on a regular basis... and they want a bite!

The popularity of "food" based network shows has risen as well. You can hardly tune in on cable anyore without stumbling on some adventourous show host shoving outrageous amounts of food down thier throats. Can you imagine nearly starving people watching these shows and contests from around the world?

The result seems to be the next big thing... feeding the world's changing demand. In other countries, where citizens have traditionally been happy with "less", now we are seeing them wanting homes, cell phones, automobiles, and yes... cheeseburgers! Food is becoming the next "status symbol" of the world.

The effects of this trend could be problematic. Population Growth is certainly not slowing down. According to the United Nations, the 6 Billion World Population figure was reached on October 12, 1999. Today, theWorld Population Clock shows the figure at 7.1 Billion. That is over a billion people in less than 15 years. By 2050, we are estimateed to be at 9 billion. The question looms... How will the earth sustain this combination of mass communication and super rapid population growth coupled with growing appetites for quality lifestyles?

We could look at China, and their recent lifestyle/transportation shift from bikes to cars. Many say this has occured mostly because they have been exposed to our "western ways" of personally driven transportation, and they dig it. It does beat pedaling, I suppose. It is surely great for car manufacturers, who can't keep them on the lots over there. 

If food follows suit in this manner, that could begin to look familliar too. Interestingly, this coming at a time when America possibly seems to be heading into a time of "less" with costs going up and excessive lifestyles sort of coming under fire.

Funny, Washington DC is one of the trendiest, fastest growing restaurant industries in the country... seemingly in line with fast growing government. One thing is clear, we all love good food! 


Obama/Romney Beginning to Look Same to Voters after Long Debates

After weeks of debates and campaigning, President Obama and Governor Romney began looking extremely similar, as seen on this Twiter post just days ago. Aparently, after staying in the same New York hotel for a few days, the two men ended up with the same hotel hair stylist, Monica Bunweave, who has been under fire.

When Bunweave was contacted for comment, she said.."We received securely faxed instruction from both camps in regards to their hair style preferences, and all I can guess now is someone must have mixed the two up!" 

Once the mistake was noticed, and initial panic was subdued, both parties decided they looked "as good or better than before", according to Bunweave, and to continue the debates. More to come...


"Tell Tale Heart" a Great Old Chiller

This scary old tale was a childhood favorite of mine that I was able to pull of an old vinyl copy I have. I think it sounds even scarier with the crackling of the record.

Edgar Allen Poe wrote the original story, which is edited down in this version and also narrarated by Wade Denning. This version is taken from Famous Ghost Stories by Pickwick.

It tells a creepy story of a murder, and I think it stands out from the era it comes from. "The Tell-Tale Heart" uses an unreliable narrarator whom recounts murdering "the old man", as if his stealthy way of executing the crime is evidence of his sanity.I guess you can be the one to decide if he is sane... Enjoy this classic from the past... CLICK HERE OR PHOTO TO LISTEN AT OWN RISK NOW!!


2012 Lake Arrowhead Water Sports Video Released

Burn and Turn Productions has partnered with KRUZ Radio to bring you this one of a kind look at the 2012 Lake Arrowhead Water Sports Series. Captain Mole takes the helm as knee boarders and wake boarders push the limits, many of them for their first time.

Join Preston Bond and Chase Gant in their first ever wake board run, and see Butter, Cole, lily, and Kerri tear it up with some great knee board action. It is all captured with multiple cameras, including footage from the new HD SONY Cyber Shot courtesy of Maury Loomis.

Then Burn and Turn Productions takes the images and gives us a film that shows things in their unique and enjoyable style. "When we heard the Burn and Turn was going to be involved, we jumped at the chance.." said Chase Gant when asked how he felt about the event.

So sit back and enjoy this special video...

2012 Lake Arrowhead Water Sport Series for Quick Time

2012 Lake Arrowhead Water Sports Series for Windows Media