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Happy 4th of July with FREE Rockin' Music All Weekend Long!

A Happy and Safe 4th of July shout to everyone and all of theirs from KRUZ Radio. Tune in to KRUZ Radio LIVE anytime to hear free rockin music and plenty of our KRUZ Radio friends. Enjoy!


Mole and Worm Celebrate Upcoming Basement Tapes Release

The Mole and The Worm are celebrating their eagerly anticipated concept basement tapes album scheduled to hit stores later this year, with an exciting pre-release of the remixed track "Saw You There"... which is a tribute/review of the hit single Nearly Lost You by Screaming Trees.

TheMole and TheWorm - Saw You There

If this track is any indication of the material coming our of these basement tapes, than we are in for a real treat when the album comes out. Their approach to rewriting the chorus while providing an insightful review of the song is unique and a refreshing change.

"We simply want to get our take of the music out there to the people" said Worm "and after the overwhelming response to our Davy Jone masterpiece, we just had to put this exciting project into motion." 

The collection of tracks is exected to ship as a five disc, HD Music DVD set with hours of never before expected material. The cost has not been determined, but is expoected to be around $89.95 plus shipping.


Davy Jones Dies at 66

David "Davy Jones" Thomas, seen here in 1999 with TheMole and TheWorm at the International Karaoke Awards in Fiji, died last Wednesday of a heart attack at the age of 66. Davy was lead singer of The Monkeys, beginning from 1966, and off and on for the rest of his life. He was even engaged in a solo tour this month, when he reportedly felt chest pains, and was admitted to a local hospital, where he died soon after.

Davy Jones was a teen heart-throb who was a vegetarian and still in great health, with many shows scheduled into 2013. His death was sudden and unexpected by people close to him.

The Mole and The Worm of KRUZ Radio would like to pay tribute by offering this LIVE never before released, exclusive track, from the glorious karaoke event that won it all on that spectacular night years ago... TheMole and TheWorm w/ David Jone - Gal

RIP Davy... we will never forget!!


KRUZ Radio Forges Into the Future...

KRUZ Radio has set the par in Internet Radio again with many new additions to our station and it's capabilities. Last week, we made many changes to our software and streaming providers.

In addition, we have now added an actual free standing microphone, a back lit On Air sign, and hung a picture of The Rat Pack in studio. These many exciting changes have us pumped up over here, and ready to resume our regularly scheduled programming with a new vigor seldom seen.

We have upated our website in many ways as well to now include more listening links than ever to handle your many online devices, and a song request area.

 ...And remember, good radio cannot be manufactured, or automated. It must come from the soul, with feeling and the desire to be the best you can be....... Rock On!



KRUZ Radio Performing System Upgrades this week...

Testing.. Testing.. Because of a minor system crash earlier in the week, we have decided to take advantage of this down time and perform some system maintenance, upgrade our software, operating systems, and music libraries, all while the computer repairs are being made. As you know, we have multiple computers in the studio..

During this time, we will not have a LIVE audio stream. We will resume our regular programming next week, and The Iron Fist and Burn and Turn Shows will also be right here again in all their glory.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. we look forward to seeing you, with us, back on the air next week!! Rock On...