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Their Own Deplorable "Clown Show" - Editorial by TheMole

There are quite a few Americans out there that claim they are not voting for Trump or Hillary becaue it's a "clown show" and they both are not qualified. Thus, they will choose another candidate, or simply not vote at all. They seemingly cant even take this Presidential election seriously. This is a BIG problem for two reasons..

1. Its the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION in Decades - There is an establishment world order of elitists that are profiting greatly and do not want America to become free thinking and independent again. That would be backtracking. They have effectively put many trusting Americans "to sleep" and left them believing that our nations fundamental values, based on our constitution, and a government ruled of, by, and for the people, still stands true and is in practice today. It is not. Billions of dollars have been "invested" by foreign special interest groups, given to people within our government, to gain prefered treatment, which many times means selling out America and her values. The political establishment has set a bar of lies and deciet as the status quo, where elitists and career politicians exchange money for power in a corrupt system that is only now beginning to come to light. A complete overhaul of our government is necessary NOW to stop this new world order that has already invisibly taken over our countrys governing body.  

2. The Candidates and the Media have created their own deplorable "Clown Show" - With name calling, slander, racism, and outright lies being the words of the day; essentially from both parties and coupled with a manipulated and opinionated mainstream media, it has totally distracted the American people from realizing how important this election is (see #1). While insults and one liners spew out over the airwaves, the real issues get lost. Mainstream media has sold out to those same corrupt politicians and special interest groups. Imagine if they spent as much energy holding the government accountable, which used to be their primary role. Many people really dont have the time or the will to dig deeper, so they get caught up in dis-information and the mainstream media spin. The general public are frankly treated like idiots. A dumbing down. All they know is Trump is racist and Hillary is a liar and they are both "unqualified". The hatred and drama blinds the public, and stalls the conversation, thus creating the illusion that this election cycle is just silly or out of control.

This combination is actually scary; because the facts are that America is under hostile takeover. Foreign countries, special interests, lobbyists, etc. have unprecidented influence over our politicians which has resulted in a corrupt system that desperately needs to be revolutionized. We can no longer sit in our cars sipping a starbucks trusting the media and believing in old values that our government already abandoned decades ago. We have to clean house, and cannot afford any American citizen left behind, uninformed, distracted, and not fully realizing the serious ramifications of this election. 

It sad that our Presidential Candidates and our "trusted" Media are unable to pull this election out of the gutter by actually showing some class, giving mutual respect, and certainly in the medias case, doing their jobs. They certainly are not doing much to educate the voters. So, American voters, you must get out, get online, and educate yourselves. Ask questions instead of regurgitating opinion. Look for the truth, trust your gut. Open your minds, and scrutinize our leaders. Make them stop treating us like clowns and wasting our time. Demand better, cause underneath the clown show is some serious shit going on... 


EDITORIAL: What Is America to You?

What does it mean to be American these days? Do we project freedom, honor and courage? Are we still the land of the free and home of the brave? I like to think so. Are we still a government of, by, and for the people? Maybe not so much.. Do we offer equal opportunity to all citizens, treated equally under the law, and governed by our constitution? Many say no. Are we divided? Are we safe?

The 2016 Presidential race has raised more questions about our country's ethics, and what it means to be American than arguably at any other time in history. Sure, America has always had controversy. There have been massive world wars, presidential assisanations, and things like the great depression and Watergate. However, I would argue at no time before in our history, has our actual identity.. our morals, and concerns as Americans, been seemingly so unclear. Bernie Sanders is a socialist and almost won the Democratic nomination. These principles go directly against how this nation was founded and what made us who we are today. Hillary Clinton openly lies to the public, she is corrupt, and many think criminal.

When you look at our surrent situation you have "ObamaCare" openly failing, the horrible Iran ransom deal, our inner city violence up 30% or more, racial tension's up, police violence up, and an economy growth rate of 1.2%, HOW DOES Obama actually have a favorable rating (54% approval rating) with the people? By comparison, China, and many other countries, forcast more like a 6% economic growth rate. What have we as Americans become satisfied with?

Despite Illegal Immagrants contributing substantially to crime, drugs, and unemployment of our US citizens, many American people favor policies that reward Illegal Immagrants with Amnesty, issue them Drivers Licenses, and impact our healthcare. There is no enforcement of our laws, no effort to make Illegal Immigrants leave, or penalty to companies for hiring them here. Meanwhile, law abiding legal immigrants and American citizens both fight for jobs and pay their taxes. If you openly support strong immigration reform, your likely going to be labeled racist. Q: What have we as Americans become ok with?

Despite the surgence of Islamic Terrorism and attacks on US soil, our current policies allow undocumented and unvetted refugees from hostile regions into the US. Again, chances are if you are against this, you will be labeled a racist in many circles. Yet, mostly every other country in the world has realistic, effective border laws that exceed our own, and are enforced with greater efficiency. Q: When as Americans do we begin to aggressively protect what we have without worry of offending people who are against our ways or want to harm us?

Now understand that there is an element within our government and special interests that actually wants Illegal Immigration and Open Borders to continue, thus securing the cheap labor and votes. Thats right, votes. Our elected officials believe in selling out the country for their own advancement. The obvious corruption within our government and the circles of power demands our citizens respond in action to take our government back. If we do nothing, then who is really to blame? When as Americans will we fully realize how desperately the country needs us to be involved and to act? Our system doesnt work without the people being informed and involved. When we just stand by, corruption takes over, and has.

The Presidential election this year is bigger than most people fathom. Our ethical obligation as citizens is to take notice and do something. The country, freedom, and our way of life have been under attack for a long time. Now, thanks to the internet and entities like WikiLeaks and Drudge Report, the information is getting through unfiltered. The virus within our governing system is being exposed. We must hear the call and trust our gut feelings. It can no longer be a running joke that American politicians are corrupt. The questions remain: When will Americans demand change? Whats does it mean to be American?

As for this Proud American, I am voting for Donald Trump. He is simply the only choice to effect real change and end the age of our corrupt career politicians. Trump is an American through and through. He believes in this country and remembers a better day when average americans had a voice. I look at a vote for Trump as a beginning to an end for corruption in Washington, and a vote for Hillary as a beginning of the end for America. I think it says a lot about what type of American you are by who you support. Its not just voting for one or the other for one policy or another, this is who YOU are as an American. What is America to you?

Finally, a thought. Disneyland is a popular place, kinda like America. Everyone trying to get in.. But everyone cant just get in can they? As nice as that idea may sound at first, NO. In fact, ever try and sneak into Disneyland these days? No, there is only one way in and its the same for everyone. But once your in, its fantastic. Would it be fantastic with no borders or walls? I think that it would be over run, ruining the experience for everyone, and Disneyland would become just another place. 

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Hillary/Obama Continue to get Free Pass on Issues

Despite many exposed lies and misleading events, the Obama and Clinton pair seem to get pass after pass from the American people and our media. Why is this? When you move past the obvious ties the left has with the media, past the obvious corruption, and past the apparent lies being told, what is it that motivates the "establishment" and others to work so hard to soften Hillarys image and promote Obamas status quo? Are there really that many american elite that are willing to harm the everyday citizens and undermine our constitution simply to further their own careers or line their pocketbooks? It seems the Democratic party along with the mainstream media, has done such a snow job on us for so long that many are unable to think rationally. Would you hire an employee, partner, or even have a friend that lies like this? Really think about it... Here are a few examples:

$400,000,000 Ransom Payment to Iran - Not only does the Obama administration continue to misrepresent the intention of this cash payment, but the mainstream media continues to ignore the story, thus making it easier for the left to "make it go away". Really? This could be one of the biggest stories of the year! This indicates the US has privately changed its policy of "no negotiating with terrorists" and "not paying ransoms for any reason" to "Paying Ransoms" to "Sponsors of Terror". Not to mention there are TWO NEW AMERICAN HOSTAGES that iran has taken since our great new agreement and payoff. Hello?? Didnt we just set a new precident here? Where are the people and the media on this? So.. as we have it, it seems things are business as usual for Iran, with a new going rate on American Hostages up to 100 Million in cash delivered to your doorstep.

Benghazi - Although the left and mainstream media would like to call this "old news", the sad truth remains that Hillary Clinton intentionally lied to the families of the fallen soldiers in Benghazi. There is simply no question based on the facts that the Obama administration along with Secretary of State Clinton had agreed in a narrative to willingly decieve the American people about these events. They purposfully lied for the sole purpose of political gain about americans who gave their lives for this country. Completely unacceptable! Why have many people seemingly forgiven or accepted this as ok??

ObamaCare/The Economy - ObamaCare seems like an older issue, but is it? Major problems continue. Major insurance carriers, suppliers, and doctors are dropping out of the system, including Aetna just last week. Obama directly lied to the American people stating numerous times that we could "keep our doctor' and "permiums would go down". The "Act" is full of unseen tax hikes and long term questions. Hillary supports it. Obama also continues to lie to the American people that ObamaCare and the Economy in general, are doing well.

The running theme here is dishonesty, deceit, and misrepresentation of serious issues to the people of this country. Most people are aware that Hillary Clinton is dishonest, as you can see from her approval numbers. What is astounding is her undying support by Democrats and the mainstream media. Hillary has not even done a press conference in over 200 days in an election year. Thats obsurd, and she is obviously being protected.

If "We The People" allow this, than are we not just as guilty? Americans of all types, shapes, and sizes need to realize that we have been overly complacent and trusting in a system of government that has left us behind for special interests and career politicians. America is being sold out, and the very things that make us the greatest country ever on earth are in jepoardy. The fact is, our Government IS corrupt and no longer operates in fear of the people. Instead it manipulates our perceptions through the mainstream media for their personal gain.

There is evidence that the left knows this, as they are already taking steps to monitor, control, and manipulate the internet. At the end of 2016 the Obama administration plans to turn over a major part of the internet, which happens to include "wordservers", or "wordnames" which allow for content recognition and control, to the United Nations, but thats another story...


It's 2013... Got Fist?

Settling into 2013 life in America, after what, for some of us anyway, was a "scratch your head" WTF election, can be very difficult. Our great country now seems bogged down with "low information" and "entitlement" thinkers whom are befuddled and confused, and seem to believe that large expensive government is what they and this country need. Were writing checks our country cant cash, and leaving a bleak and depressing future for our kids.

So, now it is up to us, the middle and upper middle class folks, who still believe in true competitive freedom, free enterprise, small business, and willingly contribute to modern society... to figure out how the hell were going to pay for all of these government programs, taxes, bailouts, and now healthcare to many times unemployeed, unentitled, or illegal people. All while trying to desperately hold onto some hope of a brighter future for generations to come....

Well, first and foremost were pretty much fucked for the next four years, anyway, so with that as our starting point, theres nowhere to go but up. So.... We here at The Iron Fist feel it is time to step up and begin to loudly hear from the 49.999% Americans that did not vote for Obama. The people who have been to busy sustaining the country need to rise up and become a untied, bipartisan movement of the people, the likes of which have never been assembeled before, until the government hears us, and hopefully fears us once again. We want The Fist to help in this purpose, and be your voice.

That is the goal of our show this year, so tell all your friends and collegues to get involved in The Fist, subscribe, do something......and be ready for our first Season 2 show coming soon. 


First Obama Press Conference Reveals Nothing New

President Obama held his first lackluster press conference today, with no tough questions and no tough answers. Obama tries to justify taxing the rich and not extending the Bush tax cuts to the rich. He also defends creating a pathway for illegal aliens to resolve legal status, and goes to bat for a proven liar Susan Rice. My favorite quote from Obama.. "I dont believe that just because I won an election does not mean I think everyone agreees with me on anything...oops, I mean everything." lol